• Special Track on Systems Engineering and Security (STSES'13)

    Session Chair:
    Dr. Michael Grimaila ()
    Air Force Institute of Technology, USA.

    The challenges of developing and sustaining large complex engineering systems of systems have grown significantly over the last few decades. The practices used by systems engineers provide significant early risk reductions that improve quality while reducing cost and schedule. Given the inherent benefits of systems engineering, it is of interest to see how the practices of systems engineering can provide to security. A key requirement when securing a system is to first understand the system completely. In this session, we are soliciting papers on topics where systems engineering and security intersect. Click here for details.

  • Special Track on Cybersecurity Education

    Session Chair:
    George Markowsky ()
    University of Maine, USA

    The Cybersecurity Education Session is focused on finding ways to better educate all sectors of society about cybersecurity. Of special interest is the preparation of the future crop of cybersecurity professionals. We focus on topics such as cyber competitions and exercises. We also invite students to present worthy cybersecurity projects and feature papers dealing with how best to present new developments in cybersecurity.

  • Special Track on Cyber and Smart Grid Information Security

    Session Co-Chairs:
    Dr. Yee Wei Law ()
    University of Melbourne, Australia
    Dr. Vincent CS Lee ()
    Monash University, Australia

    Pressure to increase the penetration of renewable energy resources, reduce greenhouse gas emission and flatten power demand curve has been pushing the upgrade of existing power grids. The exploitation of state-of-the-art integrated sensing, computing and communication technologies for this purpose is resulting what we call the Smart Grids. Industrial control systems were traditionally not connected to corporate networks and not designed to have security countermeasures, so when this connection is made in Smart Grids, security problems arise. To make matters worse, many industrial control system vendors are not committed to fixing the security holes that exist in their deployed products, especially legacy products, resulting in what are called "forever-day bugs". This is despite the fact that a successful cyber attack can cause large-scale power outage, which can in turn cause millions to billions of dollars of loss. Consequently, the public and private sectors and academia are actively seeking solutions for Smart Grid cyber security threats. Click here for details.

  • The First International Workshop on Secure By Design (SBD'13)

    Workshop Co-Chairs:
    Nader Nassar ()
    IBM, USA
    Grant Miller ()
    IBM, USA

    This workshop will serve as a platform for different enterprise architects, security architects, developers and security researchers to share their ideas, lessons learned and various approaches on enterprise security from both architecture and implementation perspective. Click here for details.