Accepted Posters

Title: Impact of Security measures and Algorithms on Operations at Transportation Facilities
Author(s): Marguerite Zarrillo and Elijah El Lazkani
Affiliation: University of Massachusetts

Title: PortSentry for Special Occasions
Author(s): Linda Markowsky
Affiliation: University of Maine

Title: A Study on Secure User Authentication Protocols
Author(s): Yu-jong Jang and Jin Kwak
Affiliation: Soonchunhyang University

Title: A Facial Recognition System Based on User Authentication for Mobile Office Environments
Author(s): Yun-Sang Byun Sung Yong Ryu and Jin Kwak
Affiliation: Soonchunhyang University, Korea

Title: Robust ECC-based three factor user authentication preserving biometric privacy
Author(s): Tien-Ho Chen, Hsiu-Lien Yeh, Kuei-Jung Hu, and Wei-Kuan Shih
Affiliation: National Tsing Hua University

Title: Multi-Layer Biometric Architecture for the Port of Los Angeles
Author(s): Haney Will William, Xiaolong Wu, Burkhard Englerd, Jiafei Wen
Affiliation: California State University Long Beach

Title: Securing Policy Negotiation for Pervasive Business Micro-interactions using Smart Phones
Author(s): Mitja Vardjan and Jan Porekar
Affiliation: SETCCE