Accepted Papers

Total Submissions 145
Accepted Papers : 93 (including 13 papers in the Special Tracks)
Rejected Papers: 52
Acceptance Rate: 64%

Title: Software Similarity and Metamorphic Detection
Author(s): Mausami Mungale and Mark Stamp
Affiliation: San Jose State University

Title: Securing Your Containers: An Exercise in Secure High Performance Virtual Containers
Author(s): Adam Miller, Lei Chen
Affiliation: Sam Houston State University

Title: Securing Sensitive Data Stored on Smartphones: Using Face Recognition to Unlock Mobile Devices
Author(s): Mark Wilson and Lei Chen
Affiliation: Sam Houston State University

Title: EC- RBAC Model: secured access control model for Exigent Scenarios in Defense Systems
Author(s): Syed Amanullah Quadri and Abdullah S Al Ghamd
Affiliation: King Saud University

Title: Design and Analysis of Message Categorization Method - Towards Security
Author(s): Shinsaku Kiyomoto, Kazuhide Fukushima, Yutaka Miyake
Affiliation: KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.

Title: A Theoretical Model for Probabilistically Based Detection and Mitigation of Malware Using Self Organizing Taxonomies
Author(s): Greg Vert, Anitha Chennamaneni, and SS Iyengar
Affiliation: Florida International University

Title: Combating Social Engineering A DoD Perspective
Author(s): Nathaniel D. Amsden, Lei Chen
Affiliation: Sam Houston State University

Title: Polymorphic Worms Detection Using A Supervised Machine Learning Technique
Author(s): Mohssen M. Z. E. Mohammed, H. Anthony Chan, Neco Ventura, Mohsin Hashim, Eihab Bashier
Affiliation: University of Cape Town and University of Khartoum

Title: Identifying Illegal Digital Images: An Image Watermark Approach to Preventing the Spread of Pornography
Author(s): Mark Wilson, Qingzhong Liu, and Lei Chen
Affiliation: Sam Houston State University

Title: Facial Image and Voice Data based One-Time Password (FV-OTP) Mechanism for e-Financial Authentication System on a Smart Phone
Author(s): You Joung Ham, Won-Bin Choi, Hyung-Woo Lee
Affiliation: Hanshin University

Title: Security Concerns and Disruption Potentials Posed by a Compromised AMI Network: Risks to the Bulk Power System
Author(s): Mohammed M. Olama, James Nutaro, Vladimir Protopopescu and Robert Coop
Affiliation: Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Tennessee

Title: A Behavior Based Covert Channel within Anti-Virus Updates
Author(s): David Anthony, Peter Lutz, Daryl Johnson, Bo Yuan
Affiliation: Rochester Institute of Technology

Title: HORNS: A semi-perfectly secret homomorphic encryption system
Author(s): Mahadevan Gomathisankaran and Kamesh Namuduri
Affiliation: University of North Texas

Title: DWT-SVD Semi-blind Image Watermarking using high frequency band
Author(s): Praful Saxena, Shanon Garg, Arpita Srivastava
Affiliation: K.I.M.T, Banasthali Vidyapeeth, and IFTM University

Title: Performance analysis of Identity Based blind signature schemes
Author(s): Jigna Desai and Dhiren Patel
Affiliation: S. V. National Institute of Technology

Title: Enabling Searchable Dynamic Data Management for Group Collaboration in Cloud Storages
Author(s): Fu-Kuo Tseng and Rong-Jaye Chen
Affiliation: National Chiao Tung University

Title: Electronic Identity Management Infrastructure For Trustworthy Services In E- Government And E-Commerce
Author(s): Polzonetti A., Marcantoni F., Falcioni D.
Affiliation: School of Science and Technology University of Camerino

Title: Implementation of a Web Application for Evaluation of Web Application Security Scanners
Author(s): L. Ertaul, Y. Martirosyan
Affiliation: California State University

Title: Practical Security in E-Mail Applications
Author(s): Franziskus Kiefer, Alexander Wiesmaier, Christian Fritz
Affiliation: Technische Universität Darmstadt and AGT Group (R&D)

Title: Towards Effective Integrated Access Control Lists in Internet Networks
Author(s): Kamal A. Ahmat, Ammar Elnour
Affiliation: City University of New York and University of Sydney

Title: Novel weight based intra cluster group security and key management applying Rivest-Shamir-Adleman algorithm
Author(s): Meera Gandhi and K. Gomathi
Affiliation: Sathyabama University

Title: Security in the Cloud: A stake holder's perspective
Author(s): Vivek Shandilya, and Sajjan Shiva
Affiliation: University of Memphis

Title: Encrypting Android Phone Calls
Author(s): Ian Burns and Kasimir Gabert
Affiliation: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Title: A Multi-Disciplined Security Engineering Education Approach
Author(s): William D. Casper, Stephen M. Papa
Affiliation: Lockheed Martin and Southern Methodist University

Title: An Overview of Laws And Standards For Health Information Security & Privacy
Author(s): Francis Akowuah, Xiaohong Yuan, Jinsheng Xu, Hong Wang
Affiliation: North Carolina A&T State University

Title: Design and Low Power VLSI Implementation of Triple-DES Algorithm
Author(s): Alexandra Camacho, Isaac Sanchez, Eugene John and Ram Krishnan
Affiliation: University of Texas at San Antonio

Title: Developing Small Team-based Cyber Security Exercises
Author(s): Brandon Mauer, William Stackpole, Daryl Johnson
Affiliation: Rochester Institute of Technology

Title: Detecting DDoS Attacks using Traffic Cluster Entropy
Author(s): Monika Sachdeva, Gurvinder Singh, Krishan Kumar
Affiliation: SBS College of Engg. & Technology, Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab Institute of Technology

Title: Threat Mitigation in Disruption Tolerant Networks
Author(s): Weihan Goh and Chai Kiat Yeo
Affiliation: Nanyang Technological University

Title: Android Forensics: a Physical Approach
Author(s): Lamine M. Aouad, Tahar M. Kechadi
Affiliation: University College Dublin

Title: Zachman Framework, the Owner's Perspective & Security
Author(s): L. Ertaul, V. Rathod
Affiliation: California State University

Title: Cyber Semantic Account Management - User Behavior Modeling, Visualization and Monitoring
Author(s): Keith Shapiro, Tony Stirtzinge
Affiliation: Securboration, Inc

Title: Cloud computing Security using DOSBAD: Denial of Service Bandwidth Allowance
Author(s): Biswajit Panja, Dayton Paul, Priyanka Meharia, Alex Henke
Affiliation: University of Michigan-Flint and Eastern Michigan University

Title: Peer to Peer File Sharing: Security Concerns, Unwanted Traffic Detection and Filtering
Author(s): Leonardo Carvajal, Lei Chen
Affiliation: Sam Houston State University

Title: CamInSens - An Intelligent in-situ Security System for Public Spaces
Author(s): David d'Angelo, Carsten Grenz, Colin Kuntzsch, Manfred Bogen
Affiliation: Fraunhofer IAIS and Leibniz University Hannover

Title: NAT Denial of Service: An Analysis of Translation Table Behavior on Multiple Platforms
Author(s): Nathan Winemiller, Bruce Hartpence, Daryl Johnson, and Sumita Mishra
Affiliation: Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences and Rochester Institute of Technology

Title: A Lower Bound for the Number of Public Values of MSSS Schemes
Author(s): R. Ghasemi, T. Eghlidos, and R. Ramezanian
Affiliation: Sharif University of Technology

Title: A secure communication system based on self-organizing patterns
Author(s): Paulius Palevicius, Loreta Saunoriene, Minvydas Ragulskis
Affiliation: Kaunas University of Technology

Title: Identifying Rootkit Infections Using a New Windows Hidden-driver-based Rootkit
Author(s): Woei-Jiunn Tsaur, Lo-Yao Yeh
Affiliation: Da-Yeh University and National Center for High-Performance Computing

Title: Weaknesses of EU Countries Cyber Strategies
Author(s): Kimberly Lukin
Affiliation: University of Turku

Title: BLAST Your Way through Malware: Malware Analysis Assisted by Bioinformatics Tools
Author(s): Jay Pedersen, Dhundy Bastola, Ken Dick, Robin Gandhi, William Mahoney
Affiliation: University of Nebraska at Omaha

Title: Browser Web Storage Vulnerability Investigation: HTML5 Local Storage Object
Author(s): Daniel Bogaard, Daryl Johnson, Robert Parody
Affiliation: Rochester Institute of Technology

Title: Toward Design an Interoperability Framework for Security Policy Languages
Author(s): Amir Aryanpour, Song Y. Yan, Scott Davies, Andrew Harmel-law
Affiliation: University of Bedfordshire and Technology Services

Title: An Efficient Elliptic Curve Based Signcryption Scheme for Firewalls
Author(s): Farhan Ahmad, Mehreen Afzal, Waseem Iqbal, Ahmad Raza Cheema
Affiliation: Military College of Signals

Title: Evaluating Software Security Risks using Fuzzy Rule Based Expert System
Author(s): Tazar Hussain, Gul Faraz Khan, Khalid Alnafjan, Hanif Ullah, Abdullah Sharaf Alghamdi
Affiliation: King Saud University

Title: Designing and deploying a secured VO for a wine geo-traceability application
Author(s): François Barrère, Romain Laborde, Abdelmalek Benzekri
Affiliation: Paul Sabatier University

Title: A Three-stage Phase Encoding Technique for Quantum Key Distribution
Author(s): Farnaz Zamani, Sayonnha Mandal, Pramode K.Verma
Affiliation: University of Oklahoma

Title: Firewall Access Control: Static and Dynamic Aspects
Author(s): Vladimir Zaborovsky, Vladimir Muliukha
Affiliation: State Polytechnical University

Title: IRS: An Issue Resolution System for Cyber Attack Classification and Management
Author(s): Chris B. Simmons, Sajjan Shiva, Vinhthuy Phan, Vivek Shandilya, Lakisha Simmons
Affiliation: University of Memphis and Indiana State University

Title: Analysis and Improvement of an Efficient and Secure Diffe-Hellman Key Agreement Protocol Based on Chebyshev Chaotic Maps
Author(s): Jiyun Yang, Matthew J. Rutherford
Affiliation: Chongqing University and University of Denver

Title: Towards Securing Internal and Network--‐Bound Android Application Data
Author(s): Douglas Flowers
Affiliation: East Carolina University

Title: Methods for Restricting Access in a Web Application
Author(s): Grant Miller, Nader Nassar
Affiliation: International Business Machines

Title: Peer-to-Peer Attacks and Defenses
Author(s): Yu Yang, Lan Yang
Affiliation: California State Polytechnic University

Title: Extention of Account Managment Method with Blind Signature Scheme
Author(s): Ryu Watanabe, Yutaka Miyake
Affiliation: KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc.

Title: A Novel Approach to Handset Malware Detection System Using DLL Import Set and Incremental SVM
Author(s): Marwa M. A. Elfattah, Aliaa A. A. Youssif, Ebada Sarhan Ahmed
Affiliation: Helwan University

Title: A Conceptual Framework for Securing Digital I&C Systems in Nuclear Power Plants
Author(s): Jung-Woon Lee, Jae-Gu Song, Cheol-Kwon Lee, and Dong-Young Lee
Affiliation: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Title: SCARF: profile-based Side Channel Analysis Resistant Framework
Author(s): Juhan Kim, Dooho choi
Affiliation: ETRI

Title: The Systems for Detecting Port Scanner in 3G WCDMA Mobile Networks
Author(s): Sekwon Kim, Joohyung Oh, and Chaetae Im
Affiliation: Korea Internet & Security Agency

Title: Design and Implementation of Multi-Layer Policies for Database Security
Author(s): Mohamed Hashem Abdel-Aziz, Ibrahim Mahmoud El-Henawy, Ayman Mohamed Mostafa
Affiliation: Ain Shams University and Zagazig University

Title: A Framework For Cost-Sensitive Intrusion Response System
Author(s): Aderonke Ikuomola, Adesina Sodiya
Affiliation: Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta

Title: An Evolutionary Approach for the Playfair Cipher Cryptanalysis
Author(s): Gabriel Negară
Affiliation: Al. I. Cuza University

Title: Survey on password recovery methods for forensic purpose
Author(s): Sang-Su Lee, Sung Kyong Un
Affiliation: ETRI

Title: Sterilization of Stego-images Through Histogram Normalization
Author(s): Goutam Paul, Imon Mukherjee
Affiliation: Jadavpur University and St. Thomas College of Engineering Technology

Title: Towards Security Policy and Architecture for Managing Implantable Medical Devices
Author(s): Ram Krishnan, Eugene John, Manoj Panday
Affiliation: University of Texas at San Antonio

Title: Vulnerability Assessment in Cloud Computing
Author(s): Srujan Kotikela, Krishna Kavi, Mahadevan Gomathisankaran
Affiliation: University of North Texas

Title: A Multi-Attribute Evaluation of Information Security Controls in Organizations Using Grey Systems Theory
Author(s): Abdel Ejnioui, Angel R. Otero, Carlos E. Otero, Abrar A. Qureshi
Affiliation: University of South Florida Polytechnic, Nova Southeastern University, and The University of Virginia's College at Wise

Title: New Error Detecting Codes for the Design of Hardware Resistant to Strong Fault Injection Attacks
Author(s): Zhen Wang and Mark Karpovsky
Affiliation: Boston University

Title: Exploit-based Analysis of Attack Models
Author(s): Phongphun Kijsanayothin, Rattikorn Hewett
Affiliation: Naresuan University and Texas Tech University

Title: Secure Management of Certificates for Industrial Control Systems
Author(s): Sebastian Obermeier, Ragnar Schierholz, Hadeli Hadeli, Robert Enderlein, Ana Hristova, Thomas Locher
Affiliation: Industrial Software Systems

Title: Information Security Analysis Using Game Theory and Simulation
Author(s): Bob G. Schlicher and Robert K. Abercrombie
Affiliation: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Title: The New Old Discipline of Cyber Security Engineering
Author(s): Thomas Fuhrman

Title: A Survey of Cyberspace Mission Assurance within United States Air Force Communications Squadrons
Author(s): Mickey Evans, Michael Grimaila, and Robert Mills
Affiliation: AFIT/ENV

Title: Application of Criterion-Based Multilayer Access Control to XML Documents
Author(s): Leon Pan
Affiliation: University of the Fraser Valley

Title: Adaptive Intrusion Detection Using Machine Learning
Author(s): Neethu B
Affiliation: Amrita University

Title: A Customer Perspective Investigation on Internet Banking Security of licensed Banks in Hong Kong
Author(s): Panida Subsorn, Sunsern Limwiriyakul
Affiliation: Suan Dusit Rajabhat University and Edith Cowan University

Title: A study of the Graphical User Interfaces for Biometric Authentication System
Author(s): Hiroshi Dozono, Takayuki Inoue, and Masanori Nakakuni
Affiliation: Saga University and Fukuoka University

Title: ISO 27001 Gap Analysis - Case Study
Author(s): Ibrahim AL-Mayahi, Sa'ad P. Mansoor
Affiliation: Bangor University

Title: MonAC: Detecting Missing Tags to Ensure Reliability of Computational RFID Based Assisted Environments
Author(s): Farzana Rahman, Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed
Affiliation: Marquette University

Title: An Efficient Acceleration of Digital Fonensics Search Using GPGPU
Author(s): Chung-han Chen, Fan Wu
Affiliation: Tuskegee University

Title: Extending Case-Based Reasoning to Network Alert Reporting
Author(s): Robert F. Erbacher, Steve E. Hutchinson
Affiliation: U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Title: Utilization of Fingerprint System in The Mobile E-Government
Author(s): kyungyul Bae, Jongwon Kim, Hyun Byun
Affiliation: Sangmyung University

Title: Evaluating Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Using Tomahawk and Wireshark
Author(s): David Mudzingwa, Rajeev Agrawal
Affiliation: North Carolina A&T State University

Title: Impact Evaluation and Prediction Model for Clustering Social Groups
Author(s): Yanping Zhao, BaoShan Bu, Senlin Luo
Affiliation: Beijing Institute of Technology

Title: Environment Feature Map for Wireless Device Localization
Author(s): T. Kaiser, P. Card, K. Ferens
Affiliation: University of Manitoba and Seccuris Incorporated

Title: A Deception Framework for Survivability Against Next Generation Cyber Attacks
Author(s): Ruchika Mehresh, Shambhu Upadhyaya
Affiliation: University at Buffalo

Title: Applying Data mining and Survival Analysis Case: Malware in a Banking Information System
Author(s): Gustavo A Valencia Zapata, Juan C Salazar Uribe
Affiliation: Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Title: Security Best Practices and Risk Assessment of SCADA and Industrial Control Systems
Author(s): Guillermo A Francia III, David Thornton, Joshua Dawson
Affiliation: Jacksonville State University

Title: SCIENCE or EXPERIENCE: What is More Relevant
Author(s): Ken Fowle
Affiliation: Edith Cowan University

Title: A proposed method for examining wireless device vulnerability to brute force attacks via WPS external registrar PIN authentication design
Author(s): Symon Aked, Christopher Bolan, Murray Brand
Affiliation: Edith Cowan University

Title: The Increasing Significance of App Analysis to the Mobile Forensic Analyst
Author(s): Murray Brand
Affiliation: Edith Cowan University

Title: The 2011 IDN Homograph Attack Mitigation Survey
Author(s): Peter Hannay, Greg Baatard
Affiliation: Edith Cowan University

Title: An overview of Cloud computing and related security concerns
Author(s): Krishnun Sansurooah
Affiliation: Edith Cowan University

Title: Utilising the RFID LOCK command against multiple targets
Author(s): Christopher Bolan
Affiliation: Edith Cowan University

Title: User Reaction towards End User License Agreements on Android Smartphones
Author(s): Hamish Cotton, Christopher Bolan
Affiliation: Edith Cowan University

Title: Clustering online social network communities using genetic algorithms
Author(s): Dipankar Dasgupta, Mustafa H. Hajeer, Alka Singh, Sugata Sanyal
Affiliation: University of Memphis

Title: Offloading Pattern Matching Computation of CEP Engine to GPU
Author(s): Ashwin R Pai, Archana K Rajan, Prabaharan Poornachandran, Padmamala Sriram
Affiliation: Amrita University

Title: Conducting Cyber Security Labs from the Cloud
Author(s): Kevin Amorin, Nick Flower
Affiliation: Northeastern University

Title: Attacking Android’s Intent Processing and First Steps towards Protecting it
Author(s): Peter Schartner, Stefan Bürger
Affiliation: Klagenfurt University