• Special Track on End-to-End Security and Cybersecurity: From Hardware to Application

    Session Chair:
    Dr. Tiziana Margaria ('')
    University of Limerick and Lero, Ireland.

    Security and Cybersecurity are an increasing concern for all the actors in the IT and societal space. One of the limiting factors to integrated security is the lack of coordination between the different layers of security that individually cover the layers of the IT stack. Today, hardware, operating system, middleware, virtualization layer, and the many layers and components that constitute a user-facing application, including data and persistency, and the communication over networks, still are developed largely independently, with little inherent integration. Data at rest, data in motion, communication access and governance, as well as system evolution (e.g. through updates) are managed individually, too often under the responsibility of different actors, different technologies, different products and vendors. In this context, concerns of holistic security are growing, and call for a better integration and communication across the different layers. This session will illustrate how a partnership of different actors (SME vendors in security, leading edge research institutions, and customers/users) gathers to create an open source platform that integrates all these layers. The research and technology contributions concern the model driven and flexible integration and customization of security capabilities, features, and assets